Visit The New Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Section Website

Amateur radio is something that is fun to do every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At last night’s BARS meeting during my short talk about the strong relationship that has always existed between BARS and the ARRL, I mentioned the there was new and quite beautiful website serving the ARRL Eastern Massachusetts section. There was a request at the BARS meeting that I post the web link to the new site here on the BARS web page. So here is something fun to do, the day after a BARS meeting or any day for that matter!

Visit the new ARRL Eastern Massachusetts (EMA) section website.

The old EMA ARRL website, which served our section for more than a decade, has been completely replaced. The new website offers many advantages including improved organization and a consistent look-and-feel across all section activities. There is now just a single URL for the section as we have integrated our separate ARES, NTS, and State Government pages into one unified site.

There are vastly improved graphics and tags that were added to facilitate searches for specific topics such as #arrl or #public-service. Try it out!

Want to see “ALL” the latest news about amateur radio in Eastern Massachusetts? Look at “Posts by Date” on the right side, or select “Posts by Category” followed by “ALL” if you prefer to see the latest news on a page by itself.

Interested in events happening near you? Then check out the Events Calendar! Nets, club meetings, and other events are displayed in Agenda, Week, and Month formats. To request listing of an activity, send an email with date, time, and event name to .

As a BARS member, does the site have a somewhat familiar look? Both the BARS website and the new EMA ARRL website are using the same word press theme! While Phil K9HI (EMA Web admin) was developing the Eastern Massachusetts website, he and Jesse W1DEA (BARS web admin) were collaborating and sharing great ideas during the development of both websites. The end product of their collaboration is nothing short of beautiful in my mind!

And let me finish by noting not only BARS, but many great Eastern Mass radio clubs have recently developed wonderful new websites. When things get quiet on the air, I enjoy visiting and learning of the great activities going on all across the section in these clubs. One of the easiset way to do this, is vist the calendar of activities on the ARRL website found here .

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