Billerica Amateur Radio Society Constitution (“by-laws”)

Everyone, you may find it interesting to read our Constitution as it was last written. Changes can, of course, be discussed with membership and BOD and implemented.



President, Billerica Amateur Radio Society


Billerica Amateur Radio Society


 Original: September 1990

Amended: March 2011

 Name and Objectives

 1.1 Name

 The name of the organization shall be the Billerica Amateur Radio Society.

 1.2 Objectives

 The objectives of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society shall be to promote amateur radio, to assist those desiring to obtain amateur radio licenses and to encourage amateur radio emergency preparedness for service to the community.

 2. Membership

 2.1 Full Member

 A full member must hold a valid amateur radio operator license. Only full members may vote.

 2.2 Associate Member

  An associate member is a member not holding a valid amateur radio operator’s license. An associate member becomes a full member automatically upon issuance of such license.

 2.3 Conduct of Members

 Members are expected to exercise proper conduct in their operating practices and at all activities.

 2.4 Membership Termination

 The December issue of the BARS newsletter shall carry notification that next year’s dues are due and payable. Any member with dues unpaid by the March meeting shall be dropped from membership. A notice of this policy shall be published in the February BARS newsletter.

 2.5 Dues

 Annual dues shall be established by a vote of the members at a regular monthly meeting provided a quorum is present. Notice of an impending vote for dues changes shall be given in the newsletter published immediately prior to the meeting at which the vote is held. A reduced dues rate shall be established for members under the age of 18. Members joining after the June meeting shall pay 50% of the annual rate.

 3 Officers and Executive Committee

 3.1 Officers

 The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer.

 3.2 Executive Committee

 The club shall be governed by an Executive Committee that meets monthly and consists of the officers and three Directors. One Director shall be the immediate past president. The other directors shall be members at large. In the event the immediate past president is not available, then there shall be only two Directors. Members of the Executive Committee shall be full members.

 3.3 Elections

 Provided a quorum is present, Executive Committee members shall be elected at the November meeting either by secret ballot or by unanimous acclamation from a majority of full members. They shall be installed at the completion of the November meeting and hold office for one year.

 3.4 Vacancies

 If for any reason, the President does not complete the year in office, the Vice-president shall become president for the unexpired term. The new President shall appoint one of the directors to finish the term as Vice-president. Other Executive Committee vacancies occurring between elections can be filled for the unexpired term by Presidential appointment with the approval of a quorum of members at  a monthly meeting or by special elections following the procedures of Sec. 3.3. Notice of such election shall be given in the newsletter published immediately prior to the meeting at which the vote is held.

 3.5 Removal of Officers

 Officers may be removed by a 2/3 vote of full members.

 4 Duties of the Executive Committee Members

 4.1 President

 The President shall preside at all club meetings, enforce observance of this constitution, decide questions of order and perform other duties customary to the office of President.

 The President shall appoint two full members to perform an annual audit of the club treasury. These  members shall not be members of the Executive Committee. In the event two members are not available, the President shall appoint an outside auditor.

 The President appoints and dissolves committees as necessary and is a member at large of those committees.

 4.2 Vice President

 The Vice-president shall assume duties of the President in the absence of the latter. 

 4.3 Secretary

 The Secretary shall keep and publish periodically the membership roll and perform all duties customary to the office of Secretary. The Secretary shall maintain a current copy of the Constitution of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society that reflects changes and amendments. That copy shall be available to members at all regular club meetings.

 4.4 Treasurer

 The Treasurer shall keep an inventory of club property and perform all duties customary to the office of Treasurer. The Treasurer shall pay bills of fifty dollars or less on a vote of the Executive Committee. Amounts in excess of that figure must be voted on by the members.

 4.5 Directors

 The Directors shall assist the Officers in running club affairs.

 5.0  Quorum

 Twenty percent of the club’s full membership shall constitute a quorum.

 6 Amendments

 Provided a quorum is present, this Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of full members present. Written notice of an impending vote must be given at least ten days prior to the meeting at which that vote is to be held.

 7 Rules

 Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern club proceedings.

 8 Waiver

 BARS will not be liable for injuries sustained by members engaged in club activities.

 9 Club Dissolution

 Upon the dissolution of the Club, the Club shall, after paying or making provision for paying all its liabilities, transfer all assets to the American Radio Relay League, Inc. (ARRL), under the guidance of its Officers.  In the event that the ARRL no longer exists, then the Club shall dispense of all its assets to an organization recognized and operated for purposes of maintaining and furthering Amateur Radio, as determined by its Officers.  Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the appropriate Court in the county in which the principal office of the Club is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization (s), as said court shall determine.


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