Bruce Blain K1BG on Amateur Radio Roundtable 03/27/18

Folks, if you care about the future of our hobby and the longevity of BARS itself, I urge you to watch this interview with Bruce Blain, K1BG, along with Riley Hollingsworth, formerly of the FCC.

Our Board Member, Henry Christle, WA1VAB, has taken on examining the crisis of youth participation in amateur radio as a personal mission he feels is one of the most important tasks hams can promote. Henry has had several brainstorming sessions with Bruce.

Bruce spoke before BARS last year on this subject, and has continued his research. If you missed his presentation there or at Boxborough, what he presents here is worth viewing. His portion runs from about the 13:00 mark and the discussion afterwards is worth seeing as well.

Please watch!

Andy, KA1GTT, BARS President

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