Regular Meeting – April 2015

Billerica Amateur Radio Society Meeting Minutes 4/1/15
Submitted by Paul, K1YUB, BARS Secretary (minor edits by K1TW)

Meeting called to order at 1919 by President K1TWF

A/ Old Business
No old business was conducted.

B/ New Business
1/ K1SUB has resigned from the Board and KA1GTT, Andy Wallace, has been appointed by the President and his appointment was unanimously approved by the members at the meeting.

2/ The next two meeting dates will be held at St Michael Parish Center, in Bedford MA. There is a donation box for the refreshments.

3/ NearFest May 1 and 2 was discussed – a club pot luck supper will take place on Friday at 1700. The club has its own table to display equipment. Bringing two chairs is important with appropriate clothing needed.

4/ Field Day Chair needed. K1TW did it last year. The Chair is responsible for getting the scores in. Further discussion at end of meeting.

5/ Refreshments: tonight’s were supplied by K1TWF and K1VK volunteered to bring them in May.

6/ Groton Road Race was discussed and need for hams using 2 meters. It takes place the last Sunday of April.

Motion to accept all Officer and Committee reports as posted on the web site was passed.

End of Business Meeting


Speaker for the evening was Niece Haynes, KA1ULN, who gave a talk on the YLRL organization of women hams. She provided details about the organization and their activities. There’s an ECHO Link for YLs. They also give out scholarships. OMs are also able to join the group but not have voting privileges.


Jim K1IR discussed FB and mentioned that it requires a password to access. He gave a tour of FB and demonstrated many features. He showed a FB site he moderates. The meeting attendees showed considerable interest.


Need to find a BARS FD Chairman.

NF1A, Art Pizer, is chairing the W1HP FD efforts. They usually partner with another club and have invited BARS to partner with them for 2015. They are looking for people to help set up site on Friday. Art showed slides of past W1HP Field days.

A motion was made by K1YUB to join with W1HP. The motioned was seconded by K1VK. Discussion followed. A second option was discussed. That was to replicate last year’s effort in Chelmsford. There was no consensus during the discussion period and it was decided to table the motion till the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2118.

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