September 12, 2019 VE Session Report

From Gary Frascarelli W1GFF:

September 12, 2019 – We had 18 Candidates show up, including 12 Army Recruits from Ft Devens on an exercise.   Only 1 of the 12 achieved a passing grade (upgrade to Gen) since they only had 1 hour to study after being told they were taking the test.    Non-military folks came from as far away as Brockton, MA  and Wells, ME.

Session Results –  3 New Techs, 4 Generals

VE’s for the session were:  Team Leader: Gary, W1GFF  –  Peter, N1ALO  –  Charles, AA1VS  –  Wayne, AG1A   –   Donald, KA1MAP,   Andy, KA1GTT and Tom, K1TW

Next Session:  Thursday, Oct.  10, 2019

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