Visit BARS Table at Near-FEST and join us for the Pot Luck

From Jim, N1HTS:

Just a reminder that Nearfest is this coming weekend. As usual
gates open at 9AM and if you have a prepaid ticket, you’ll see me
parking cars starting at 6AM.

BARS will have its usual presence there with the two shelters
and however many tables are in TWF’s barn. Tables may be
a premium given there will be tables with some of K0TV’s
estate items so if you have one or two, please bring them.

The plan is for the Friday night potluck supper starting roughly
5:30-ish. If you have a dish you’d like to bring, please do so.
For hot dishes, we will have a power strip for crockpots. I’ll
have the coffee maker going by noon on Friday. That is about
the time the shelters are fully functional.

Bring a chair along with cash to buy things, some food if you
wish, clothing for warm, cold, dry and wet as, and stuff to sell
so that you have more cash to buy more stuff. We have to keep
the cycle going…. An HT on 147.12 simplex is handy if you
want to stay in touch with the gang while you walk about.

Hope to see you there.


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