Regular Meeting – May 2014

Meeting Convened by K1TWF at 7:00PM

Attendees: 15.5DSC03448_Tweak

Intro: “What was your best Field Day experiences?”

A sampling of the memories include:

  • Operating 5A on the top of Nashoba Mountain. Clearing an area and getting poison ivy to show for it!
  • Beer with Kielbasi from the grill.
  • Operating on an island in the middle of a lake; battling mosquitos only to find that it was the wrong weekend:-)
  • Radio from a bluff overlooking Puget Sound.
  • Touring all of the New England sites on a previous FD
  • Operating from Tokyo in 1950
  • Using rather irreverant phonetics.

Snippets from April’s BOD:

  • BOD meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of the Month at TWF’s house in Chelmsford
  • All members are welcome.
  • It was decided to not use regular meeting time to review the BOD notes. Membership should review the notes posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Finances were discussed verbally.
  • Balanced will not be posted in the regular meeting notes due do privacy desires

Other General Notes:

  • For the foreseeable future, no meeting notes will be issued. The website will be used for documentation purposes.
  • K1TW will issue a short reminder email before each meeting
  • Contributions of website content may be made c/o K1IR, K1TW or KE1V.
  • The weekly BARS breakfast will be held at Stellios in Billerica on Saturdays at 8:15. There’s plenty of space for a good sized crowd.

Nearfest reflections:

  • Weather was great. Only two drops of rain were recorded.
  • ~30 people at the VE session.
  • The Jam session was active enough to prompt some sad soul to call the police.

Upcoming convention at Dayton

  • Three club members are going.
  • K0TV flying out on a private plane.
  • K1IR is heading out and will work enough to write off his costs as a business expense
  • K1TW is heading out on Thursday to attend the QRP session


  • The organization is looking for volunteers. If interested, consult the website.
  • There is a training session on 5/31

Field Day:

  • Organization is proceeding. It will be a low-stress activity with an emphasis being placed on food and companionship
  • We will operate 2A at Nan’s place which has a screened porch and a barbecue.
  • Send an email to Nan at with suggestions or consumables that you will be bringing.
  • K1TW will chair the activity.
  • Most of the equipment is available between K1TWF and K0TV and club “stock”
  • Operations:
    • Daytime: 20/40M
    • Nighttime: 40/80M but looking for openings elsewhere.
  • Send an email to Tom ( if you plan on bringing some equipment.
  • We’ll be operating from the comfort of Nan’s porch which offers a bug-free environment.
  • K1TW will prepare a list of equipment for the June meeting
  • We need volunteers for setup, takedown, operation and eating;-)

Website Overview:

  • K1IR gave an overview of the website design and operations.
  • It’s based on WordPress
  • The goal here is to have a dynamic website based on regular, simple contributions to the site, news feeds, etc.
  • Someone (who?) will put up instructions on how to sign up for the club yahoo group.
  • K1TW will work on enhancing the “about” page
  • Membership is encouraged to develop their individual profiles

Meeting adjourned around 9PM

73 DE KE1V


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