Regular Meeting – June 2014

Regular Meeting Notes: June 4, 2014

Meeting Convened by K1TWF at 7:00PM

Attendees: 11

After some reminiscing about several topics including the history of MIT’s Radiation Laboratory where Radar was developed in the US and some observations about a “mechanical scanning radar,” we got down to business.

  • Secretary’s Report: Approved
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bruce W1LUS mentioned that the club finances have not changed (neither inflows nor outflows)
    • Some discussion about the Club insurance: Basically what happened was that we did not pay for a prior year but when we paid for a subsequent year, the agent gave us a choice to pay for that prior year or cut a new policy and have the payment go towards our present year. We opted for the latter.
  • April BOD meeting notes were posed

Field Day:

  • We are anticipating 12-14 club members in attendance
  • Possible/Definite Needs:
    • Grill (depending on menu)
    • Stakes for rope supports
    • Some forethought about how to mitigate generator noise
    • ARRL section “cheat sheets” for operators
    • Munchies
    • Ground Rods (@MITRE?)
    • Braid (@MITRE?)
    • Foot Switches
    • Table Lamps for evening operation
    • Small fans if the weather calls for it
    • Power Strips
    • Tape and marking pens to mark owners of equipment
    • Wrenches and screwdrivers
  • Stuff being supplied:
    • Chili N1HTS
    • Tables K1TWF, N1ALO
    • Generators: N1ALO, K1SUB
    • Welcome Sign to be displayed on road (NK1A)
    • Club Banner: K1TWF (located in his barn)
    • Visitor Notebook: K1TWF
    • RG-58: N1ALO
    • CAT5: N1HTS
    • IPA: K1SUB
    • N1ALO: Homebrew
    • K1TWF: Lager
    • N1HTS will talk to AA1VS to identify useful FD items at MITRE
  • Venue: 65 Littleton Rd., Chelmsford, MA
  • Rough Schedule:
    • Friday 6/20: No activities
    • Saturday 6/21:
      • Breakfast at Stellios (~8AM)
      • Setup after breakfast
      • Assemble stations starting at ~9:30
      • Field Day begins: 2:00PM
      • May break for the evening depending on interest.
    • Sunday 6/22:
      • 8:00AM nominal start time.
      • 2:00PM teardown
  • Other Notes:
    • NK1A will forewarn the neighbors, esp generator noise
    • $300 was approved to fund expenses.
    • W1LUS will provide Club checkbook to K1TWF
    • NK1A will check about the operation of the ceiling fans at the site
    • K1TW will look into bonus point possiblities
    • K1TW will contact Phil Temple about visiting
    • Everyone should send an email to K1TW re. their plans for the weekend (e.g. when they expect to be on-site)

Other Non-FD Notes and New Business

  • K1TW will look into whether the club has a LoTW account
  • Chelmsford DMR (N1IW memorial) repeater is on the air using temporary antennas. Freq is 145.18 (-.6)
  • WO1N will be trustee for the repeater
  • The next Boxboro Hamfest will be held in 2015 (they’re taking a year off due to the ARRL centennial this year). They will have a table at the sentennial
  • WRTC is the preceding weekend
  • KE1V will be storing a club Kenwood desktop mike.
  • There is a need to inventory club assets at the MTIRE and make a decision about long term storage.
  • The MITRE club has the keys to the shack.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35PMĀ PM

73 DE KE1V

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