Regular Meeting – May 2015

Billerica Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by K1TWF at 1908

N1HTS reported that we have $719.77 at present in the Treasury. The full report will be uploaded to the website.

There are problems with the administration of the BARS YAHOO Group. An investigation into resolving this or finding a new method of communicating is being sought.

Nearfest Update: A number of people sold gear at Near-Fest 2015. Over ten BARS members attended.

Presentation by Joe Giffen NQ1D on the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

NQ1D spoke on the developing relationship between the MRC, Hams and the ARRL which has started recently. He noted the activity in the State and discussed future developments

The club was presented with 3 options for FD.

1/ Join W1HP the Philips group in Andover, MA. NF1A, the chairperson, made note of the following features of the W1HP effort. Features lots of land and has access to a building with refrigerators etc. Generators available. It has facilities open all the time. All equipment is available in go kits so hams do not need to provide anything. They will not solicit food but will provide the food and ask for money contributions. No liquor is allowed. There is a 10 x 20 tent. Help is needed on Friday and late Sunday for set up and take down.

2/ The second site is at NK1A in Chelmsford, MA using Club call sign W1HH. Food and beverage would be provided and the potential for some sleeping facilities. The operating area is screened in. This site was used last year. Jim N1HTS agreed to be this year’s BARS FD chairperson if we use this location.

3/ Gary W1GFF has offered his location adjacent to his Ice Cream stand in Chelmsford. However the site is near some homes which might find the generator noise annoying especially late at night.

After discussion, the choice was narrowed to options 1 and 2. Members were interested in participating at both.

K1TW proposed supporting and helping out at both operations this year. It was noted that members can participate at both sites if they wished as that did not violate the FD rules.


BARS agreed to support a “Dual Field Day” operation this year in (1) Andover (W1HP) and (2) Chelmsford (W1HH). Details on participating for both sites will be posted later on the BARS website

If you are going to the Andover site (W1HP) please let Art know so he can get a headcount. Contact

If you are going to the Chelmsford site (W1HH), please let Jim N1HTS know so he can get a headcount. Contact

K1VK volunteered to bring the munchies again for the next meeting 6/3/15 which will be the last one until September.

Meeting adjourned at 2050

Submitted by Paul Graveline K1YUB, Secretary

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