Regular Meeting – February 2015

Trying out a new meeting space in Bedford, BARS members gathered at St Michael’s Parish Center on Wednesday February 4th to hear an outstanding presentation by Erik KE1V. Filling every seat around the big conference table in Room #120 at the Parish Center, Erik provided a first hand account of the fun and satisfaction associated with building and owning an Elecraft K3. Great slides and wonderful stories filled the evening. The audience was obviously following his presentation closely as he was constantly fielding questions from the interested members who braved the cold winter evening.

The meeting began with our usual round of introductions and comments. It was wonderful to see folks from as far as Charlestown and Andover in attendance in addition to those closer by, well like me (i.e., K1TW). This was an experiment to compare Bedford as a meeting location to our other recent venues. I am happy to report that no one experienced any traffic problems, at least this evening, passing swiftly through the usual choke points such as the infamous intersection of Routes 4/62/255 where the roads to Concord, Carlise, Billerica and Bedford all converge.

Following the introductions, our President Mike K1TWF invited folks to partake of the coffee and donuts he thoughtfully provided while he discussed the pros and cons about whether BARS needs to have a membership dues going forward, possibly at the $10 level. This would be used to help pay for public meeting space such as Bedford. The Treasurer’s Report on the web was referenced and we can pay for meeting space at least for a while without dues. The other web reports were also referenced (e.g., VE session results). The reports were all accepted. A small donation canister was set out near the donuts and coffee for those who wish to contribute toward the refreshments and meeting costs. No decision was taken on dues.

As we went around the table, Niece KA1ULN talked about her success using WSPR. A number of folks showed considerable interest so perhaps we might look into having a WSPR talk at a future meeting. Speaking of future meetings, we will again meet in Bedford on March 4th and make a decision on whether to continue with the Bedford location for April or look elsewhere. A good turnout in April will make for a better decision on future meeting locations.

Our April speaker will be an expert in the History of Shortwave Radio. Jerry Berg from Lexington is going to cover the fascinating story of shortwave radio. Jerry has authored numerous books on the subject, such as “On the Shortwaves, 1923-1945”. I will be posting much more about Jerry and his books prior to our March meeting. This promises to be a very special evening for BARS.

Our appreciation to Erik for a wonderful February presentation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few new K3 owners in the BARS community before very long as a result.

Report submitted by Tom K1TW, BARS VP substituting for our Secretary Paul K1YUB.

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