DMR is coming to BARS!

scalabilityA new repeater is going up in BARS territory. Its not your typical analog ‘ker-chunk’ repeater. This one is all digital – using the DMR standard. What is DMR? DMR is an open and published international digital radio standard that specifies the 2-slot (channel) TDMA communications. DMR is amateur radio’s newest digital protocol. DMR radios are produced by several manufacturers. DMR is not compatible with Icom’s D-Star technology. Competition between manufacturers is a big reason why DMR radio prices are fair. DMR is is likely to be around for a long time since it is not a single manufacturer technology.

As many of you are aware, Mike N1IW was very involved and supportive of the DMR project in southern New Hampshire. He indicated that he’d like some of the proceeds of his estate to be directed towards expansion of the DMR network. As a result, a new DMR repeater has been purchased, and is slated to be installed in Chelmsford, MA – easily providing DMR coverage for HTs across much of BARS territory. The repeater will bear Mike’s call sign, a fitting remembrance of a guy who meant so much to DMR in our area.

Full details, including location of the new repeater, frequencies and other access details will be made available as the project moves forward.

There will plenty of DMR activity at NEAR-Fest, too. Here are the details provided by Bill NE1B. Bill leads much of the DMR expansion activity in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The DMR Forum is on the NEAR-FEST “Schedule of Events” menu for SATURDAY (May 3) at 9 AM.

There will be a DMR repeater on site operating on the Gilford channels (145.36, Color Code 3), using TG #2 (DMR-MARC Local) primarily.

Also, the Chester repeater has very good coverage of the Deerfield Fairgrounds (145.19, CC9), TG #2.

Simplex on-site will be 145.79, CC1, TG #99 “Simplex”

Also, UHF 446.075, CC1, TG #99 “Simplex”

There will also be a NEDECN table inside in the log cabin building.

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