Billerica Fox to remain active all this week

Bob Ravenstein W1FDR has kindly offered to keep the special fox set up for Billerica ARS active all this week. This will give all of us more opportunities to try our hand at this following his talk last week. I got part way on Saturday, and may try again this week around lunch time.

Bob writes to us on the Billerica ARS email refelctor with the following update:

“Does anyone need any help finding the fox? It is in the lime quarry. Activate it by doing a DTMF tone for 2 seconds and it will turn on. Hint: take the path to the left of the sign and follow the trail for a while listening for peak signal at 146.570 and 75 then .80 remember what I said during seminar. This fox was for you all! It will remain there for the week. Third harmonic is 439.695.

Bob W1FDR”

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