Regular Meeting – October 2017

Meeting begun by Tom, K1TW, about 7PM.

Issues brought up:
Hacking of Yahoo accounts – changing of passwords recommended.
BARS should move from Yahoo Groups by 12/1/17. Action item for Jesse. A motion was approved to do this move.

Congratulations were extended to Jesse, W1DEA, for the Newsletters being published.

Thanks were given to Gary, W1GFF, for hosting the Ice Cream Social.

Gary, W1GFF, made a suggestion: we should possibly obtain a domain name more conducive to attracting people to the Billerica Amateur Radio Society, because says nothing about our location or purpose. For instance,

Jim, N1HTS, talked about upcoming BARS table plans for Near-Fest.

Election notice would be sent to the email list – suggestions for nominees would be solicited by

Tom, K1TW, made many Field Day recognitions and handed out mugs kindly provided by Jay AI1EE.

It was noted that Ken Weinbeck would like a tower removed. Interested parties could contact him at 978-256-2072 or It was asked that anyone desiring to help should get in touch with K1TW to coordinate.

Formal business was adjourned and the membership enjoyed an excellent and thought provoking presentation by Nashoba Valley ARC (NVARC) member Bruce Blain, K1BG, entitled “The Entry Level License – What’s Worked, and What Hasn’t.”

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Andy Wallace
BARS Secretary

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