BARS Member Survey – we’d like EVERYONE’S response!

Members, the Board has been discussing how to grow the BARS club and get a feel for what our members want to do. I commend our Vice President, Kayla Creamer, W2IRY, for coming up with the idea of using Google Forms for a survey.

I am very pleased with the look and ease of use for this survey. There are 23 simple questions to the survey. You may respond to ANY or ALL. The BOD would be very happy to receive even partial responses, as all these questions are important to us. At the very end is an option to leave your contact info. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can leave this area blank and still click “submit”.

  • You do not need a Google account to take the survey.
  • Please submit only once.
  • Kayla will be the one compiling results for eventual Club discussion
  • Answer questions by clicking the radio buttons, and entering text in “your answer” line
  • This survey is for BARS members; don’t forward to other clubs

To take the survey, click on this link:

As President it is of prime importance to me to find out what all our members want out of the club. I enjoy all that we do, and hope to find out more ideas from this survey to entertain and engage you all. I ESPECIALLY want to hear from folks who do NOT attend BARS meetings regularly. If we can find out why you don’t attend, we can shift gears and widen our appeal.

Please engage with your leaders and take this survey!

Thank you,



President, BARS



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