Regular Meeting – November 2016

Meeting commenced at 7PM by Mike, K1TWF, President.

Immediate business was a rundown of things that are going well: new members, the Wednesday Net, Stelio’s breakfast.

There was a brief Near-Fest report, with attendees being approximately 1500. Andy, KA1GTT, brought up whether there was a new policy requiring you to be present to win a door prize. Mike said yes, both Friday and Saturday prizes required it. Intent is to convince people to remain there for the duration. Andy replied that it didn’t seem to be reported on the website. Mike K1TWF intends to discuss the policy with Mike W1RC at some point.

The Near-Fest VE session report was very positive with many people at Near-Fest getting licenses, including three who went from 0 to Extra, and two 10/12 year old youngsters getting licensed.

No report on the budget as Bruce, W1LUS, was not present.

November Election. Nominated were:
K1TW, Tom (President);
K1TWF, Mike (VP);
KA1GTT, Andy (Secretary);
W1LUS, Bruce (Treasurer);
KA1ULN, Niece (Board);
W2IRY, Kayla (Board).

Roster was moved as accepted as written by Gary, W1GFF and all members approved. Mike, K1TWF, will also become VP/President Emeritus.

Request was made for a topic/speaker for the December meeting, and to contact K1TWF.

A reminder was made about the January holiday party, details forthcoming, with proposed location again being the Great Wall in Bedford.

Gary, W1GFF, informed us that the Church will be unavailable in January so that there cannot be a meeting or a January VE session. Gary reiterated that the Church is now called the Chelmsford Bible Church and literature is being changed to reflect that. Signage will be changed eventually.

Kayla, W2IRY, was asked about the plans for a “ham show” on Billerica Public Television. She said she was working on ideas.

Gary, W1GFF, has printed a large quantity of his design BARS flyers and can distribute them. He also suggested changing the BARS net script to reflect the new church name and Niece, KA1ULN, said she would make sure to do that.

Meeting business was adjourned and Charlie Bures, WA3ITR gave a lengthy and fascinating talk on JT65 digital mode.

Meetng adjourned after 9 PM.

= = = =
Andy, KA1GTT
BARS Secretary

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