Regular Meeting – November 2015

Billerica Amateur Radio Society Meeting 11/4/15

The meeting was called to order by Jim N1HTS at 1903. 13 members were present. Jim, N1HTS, presided over the meeting in place of both K1TWF and K1TW who were unable to attend. The attending members introduced themselves.

It was noted that Jerry, K0TV, former BARS President and ex-officio BOD member passed away a few weeks ago. Other former members who passed away recently were also remembered.

This year’s Field Day operation netted 1154 points and there were 6 participants. The operation was hampered by substantial rain. Due to a schedule conflict the BARS site at K1TWF’s house may not be available next year.

W1GFF has volunteered to run a net on the BILLERICA REPEATER (147.12) weekly on Wednesdays @ 2000 except on meeting nights and holiday. The first net will be on November 18.

Paul, K1YUB, has prepared a handout for the VE sessions and Gary, W1GFF, will develop a brochure to be distributed.

Mike, K1TWF, and Tom, K1TW, are looking for 2 people to join the BARS management team. A motion was made and seconded to nominate Bruce, W1LUS, as Treasurer and Paul, K1YUB, as Secretary and Andy, KA1GTT, and Tom, K1TW, for Directors.

At Near-fest we had some visitors to the BARS table.

There was no new business.

The holiday party in January was discussed. A date needs to be set. It probably will again be at the Great Wall in Bedford.

The meeting adjourned at 1932

Bo, WA1QYM, gave a very interesting talk on: DXING WITH A DIPOLE: He stressed the importance of positioning the antenna to generate a low angle of radiation.

Submitted by:
Paul Graveline K1YUB
5 Nov 2015

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