Regular Meeting – May 2017

Tom, K1TW started the meeting at 7:05. He talked about the W1AF Harvard University Symposium and SETI.

Bruce, W1LUS, said that he needs additional VEs at Near-Fest for a blind ham going to upgrade.

Bruce said there is $822.31 in the Treasury.

Jim, N1HTS, talked about BARS setting up at Near-Fest. There will be two 10’x20′ shelters set up. The group would be monitoring 147.12 simplex. Jim also gave a brief report on the coverage at the Groton Road Race.

Tom, K1TW, brought up the New England QSO Party ( which starts at 4PM after Near-Fest and runs into Sunday.

Jesse, W1DEA, gave a Field Day update. He described the meetings the Committee had searching for locations: Nan’s house, Prouty Forest in Littleton, Concord North Bridge area. Possibility of a 13 Colonies operation after FD at Concord.

Kayla, W2IRY, is working on a public-facing Facebook page for Field Day and a PSA for BATV.

Formal business adjourned at 8:10.

Tom Kinahan, N1CPE, then gave a very interesting presentation on the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS).

Meeting adjourned at 9:35.

BARS Secretary

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