W1HH 2M Net Script – latest revision

Hi, everyone. We hold a weekly 2M net every Wednesday night at 8PM (except for the third Wednesday, which is the meeting night) on the W1DC Billerica repeater.

Running the Net is simple and the script is below, somewhat trimmed down from previous versions. BARS would love for you to run the net! Please coordinate volunteering with our Net Manager John, KC1FTJ. You can email him at harmpman at “alpha oscar lima dot com”. Even if you only volunteer once in awhile it really helps our Club. We have a great turnout this week with over 15 check-ins.

I’ll leave the script here until we get a files section set up at w1hh.org.



President, Billerica Amateur Radio Society


BARS Net Script
(revised 22 August 2018)


This is (YOUR CALL) Is there any other traffic before I begin the W1HH Net? (DROP YOUR CARRIER)

This is (YOUR NAME, YOUR CALL, YOUR LOCATION), tonight’s Net Control Station for the W1HH Net. W1HH is the club callsign for the Billerica Amateur Radio Society of Billerica, Massachusetts. The club meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm at the Chelmsford Bible Church at 128 Gorham St in Chelmsford. The club also holds Ham Test Exams on the second Thursday of the month at 7PM the Chelmsford Bible Church, 128 Gorham St, Chelmsford. We also have an informal Saturday breakfast at 8:15 at Stelio’s in Billerica.

This net meets every Wednesday at 8 PM (except for meeting nights, first Wed of the month) on this, the W1DC repeater in Billerica, Massachusetts, 147.120 MHz, positive offset, AND PL tone of 103.5 Hz.

Please visit the BARS web site at www.W1HH.org for repeater and club information.

To check into the net please say “this is” then drop your carrier to listen for doubles, then please give your call sign, name, and location slowly and clearly.

I will take a list of check-ins, and then go down the list starting with mobile or portable operators, please call now. (DROP YOUR CARRIER)

The next call up is for any other station wishing to check in to the W1HH.Net. Please call Now. (DROP YOUR CARRIER)


This is (YOUR NAME, YOUR CALL), thanks to everyone who checked into the BARS W1HH Net. Please see the club website at www.w1HH.org for club information.


  1. Don’t forget to identify yourself and the net every 10 minutes. It’s also good to look for additional check-ins at that time.
  2. Try not to quick key. Try to leave a space when you go back to a station in case there is an emergency breaker or someone who needs to make a call.

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