Next Meeting is June 7th at 7 PM

Meeting Time: 7:00-9:30 PM
The next meeting of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society (BARS) is Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 7 PM.

Topic: BARS Field Day and more.

What are you doing the weekend of June 24 and 25? Why joining BARS for Field Day, we hope! Field Day is an enjoyable social event for club members, promotes amateur radio to the public and demonstrates the readiness and willingness of this 21st century hobby to always be ready to serve the public. Come to the meeting and learn of our final plan for a very unique and enjoyable Field Day experience.

This is also the meeting to sign up for operating the stations. We are looking for participation from all skill levels from beginner to expert. If you are a newcomer to the hobby, this is especially important for you to get help getting on the air.

But wait there is more to summer than Field Day. We have other ideas to keep BARS members busy all summer long. Come and hear about those plans too. Ham radio doesn’t disappear in July and August, and why should we. We have a number of great ideas from participation in the 13 Colonies Event in July, to some very sweet ideas just for the family.

Chelmsford Bible Church
128 Gorham St. (Route 3A)
East Chelmsford, MA 01824

Please park in back and enter by the rear door.

Bring a ham friend (or aspiring ham) friend.

Note: The weekly BARS Wednesday night net will not meet on this evening because of the club meeting. Members are encouraged to get on Billerica (147.12) on their way to/from the meeting instead.

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