Next B.A.R.S. Zoom Club Meeting Wednesday August 4th at 7:00 PM Guest Speaker will be Rob Macedo KD1CY Topic: SkyWarn

Our featured speaker will be Rob Macedo, KD1CY, who can do a very timely Skywarn Overview beginning at 7:15 or 7;20 PM on August 4th on Zoom with the BARS club.

Skywarn is something virtually every BARS member can participate in and it uses the Westford Repeater for all local Skywarn activations.  It is very helpful during Winter weather and summer storms.  Skywarn reports are used by virtually all the major Boston TV stations too.  It would be good to get BARS more involved in this.

Rob is also on Tom Walsh K1TW’s ARRL staff and has close ties to the National Weather service and the Weather Channel.  Rob may also appear at times on local TV and Radio.

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