Jesse Creamer, W1DEA – a great loss to us

Ham radio is a wonderful hobby. It is all about communication. We are connected as human beings and the connections we make outlast our physical bodies. Nothing cements relationships like regularly chatting on the air or socializing at our BARS meetings or our Saturday breakfast.

Recently, the world lost Hector L. “Jesse” Creamer, W1DEA. This tragedy affects BARS and everyone Jesse touched, especially his daughter Kayla, W2IRY, our Vice President. I am so happy to have known Jesse during the past few years, and would probably never had entered his circle had I not been a radio amateur.

If I could put a label on Jesse, it truly would be the word “selfless.” He did wonderful things for BARS, including being our Field Day Chair for our 2017 effort. During difficult chemotherapy, he also moved our web server and set up a new email list for us.

Jesse’s family inherits many generational bonds. One of them is that Jesse’s father, Hector “Jess” Creamer, Jr., was also a ham. His first call was W1DEA, and his¬†later call was W2IRY.¬† Jesse’s wish was to have Kayla take W1DEA after his passing.

Please contemplate the mark you leave, even in informal circles like a ham radio club. Make it as positive as you can!

73 and goodbye, Jesse. I am sorry we never shared a dinner at that Korean place.



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