How to join the BARS Email list

The question is often asked “How do I join the BARS list”? Or perhaps “Why should I join the BARS list”?

The answer is simple in both cases. Joining the BARS list keeps you up to date on club members and club activities that may not always be posted on the web site. Maybe you want to tell members you have something to sell or need help building an antenna. There are lots of different things to ask about or let others know what you are doing.

So here is how to join the BARS list. It only takes a few minutes:

1. Go to

2. Type W1HH in the Search area at top of the page and click search groups

3. Click on W1HH on the results

4. Click on “Join Group” and fill out the form and submit.

5. The moderator will approve your group access within a short time

That is it. Join us. See you at the March 1 meeting too!

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