December 2nd Meeting: Fred, AB1OC on Installing and Operating HF Mobile

The next meeting of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society (BARS) is Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

The BARS 8 PM Wednesday night net will not meet because of the club meeting. Members are encouraged to get on Billerica (147.12) on their way to/from the meeting instead.

Meeting Time: 7:00-9:30 PM

Topic: Installation and Operation of a Mobile HF Station
Our Guest speaker: Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, will talk about “Installation and Operation of a Mobile HF Station”. This is another talk that fits well with our BARS “Get-on-the-air” project. Fred has put together a very informative talk.

This presentation covers the steps involved in installing a mobile HF setup and getting it to operate well in a modern vehicle. The presentation covers the construction and operation of a state of the art mobile HF station in three steps/levels ­ a basic 100W setup with HAM Stick antennas, installation of a Screwdriver antenna to cover all HF bands 160m ­ 10m, and finally the addition of an amplifier for higher power operation. Operational results at each level as well as tips and areas to focus on are covered.

Result of November Elections

BARS is looking to build a team approach rather than putting full responsibility on one President. The concept is to develop a team method of administrating the club as a cooperative effort with help from experienced officers. No new nominations resulted in November for President and Vice President, so at least for now, here is the temporary club Leadership to be confirmed by the members in December:

– President: Mike, K1TWF
– Vice President: Tom, K1TW
– Secretary: Paul, K1YUB
– Treasurer: Bruce, W1LUS
– Board Member: Andy, KA1GTT
– Board Member: Jim, N1HTS


Our new meeting location in Chelmsford is working out beautifully and we invite everyone to join us for the fourth meeting to be held at:

Matthews Memorial Church
128 Gorham St. (Route 3A)
East Chelmsford, MA 01824

Please park in back and enter by the rear door. A map is on the sidebar.

We have a great speaker and topic lined up. Check back here frequently for additional updates.

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