BARS Meeting on Zoom: Wed, Sept. 1, 2021, 7 PM. Neil Goldstein, W2NDG. Topic: What’s new in Digital Modes

What’s New in Digital Modes?
Presenter: Neil Goldstein, W2NDG

This is a discussion on HF Digital Modes concentrating on FT8. The history and evolution of WSJT-X modes and its derivatives, like JS8-Call, JT-65, FT-4 and WSPR. We will also look at a few standalone kits for digital modes that you can build yourself, as well as an overview of FT8 software and associated software for digital modes.

Neil Goldstein W2NDG has been tinkering with radios since the early seventies when he used to hang out in his uncle’s ham shack in CT (W1PVC sk). These days he can be found in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains with a QRP radio, or sitting at his workbench amidst a cloud of solder smoke. After first getting licensed in 2011 as KD2APZ, he started looking for ways to merge his two hobbies: computers and radio. Now, a holder of an Extra Class license, he experiments with SDR, rig control, digital modes, and has a well-used soldering iron. Neil maintains, the complete list of radio kit sources on the Internet.


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Please join us for an evening of Amateur Radio excitement!

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