BARS has a new Secretary and a new Newsletter Editor! And eventually, a new President…

All, I am very pleased to announce that in our November meeting we voted to accept the election slate as published, so we have the following people doing the heavy lifting in BARS:

Andy Wallace, KA1GTT: President
Kayla Creamer, W2IRY: Vice President
Bruce Anderson, W1LUS: Treasurer
Scott Ginsburg, K1OA: Secretary
Henry Christle, WA1VAB: Member of the Board
Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF: Member of the Board
Tom Walsh, K1TW: President Emeritus (non elected position)

It is great to have Scott, K1OA, filling our Secretarial position. Paula Crock, KC1EDA, was doing double duty as Secretary and Newsletter Editor. Our BOD will be meeting soon and we will help Scott ease into his new role.

And in addition, Marla Wallace, WA1GSF, has volunteered to be our new Newsletter Editor! Thanks to Tom, K1TW, for filling in since Paula had to step down. Marla would love your contributions no matter how small. As I said in my notes for the November issue, members are what make our Newsletter. Contact Marla at .

Finally, it may have been a surprise to some of you that I have announced my preference for stepping down next November. Three years as President is, I feel, long enough a steady run and I would like to take at least a one year break. Over the next months I hope to engage with someone who can replace me from the ranks. The job of President is not an impossible one. The last thing I want to do is leave our Club leaderless. If you have designs of filling this role and would like to know what it involves – get in touch with me! It does a body good to serve.



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